where can i find a legtimate job since im a stay at home mom?


Jamie - posted on 02/27/2013




Depends on what you're looking for. Do you mean legitimate as in legal or do you need a paycheck from an employer? Do you need insurance coverage? How old are your kids? How much time do you have? Can you travel or do you need to stay home? What kind of skills do you have?

I've not had an official job, where I get a paycheck from one employer, but I've made side money. I've been a babysitter, plantsitter, petsitter. I've run errands for people, sold things on Craigslist. I've designed flyers and forms, made necklaces, and taught breathing exercises. I've done LOTS of surveys and market research studies where I've gotten paid.

There's virtual assistant type jobs, proofreading, accounting, real estate. Personally, I'm looking into being a notary right now. I've known plenty of people who do phone work from home, too. I've looked at the secret shopper stuff, but never actually done it.

Hmmm...this comes up with a spam message. I promise I'm not soliciting for anything in particular....just brainstorming.

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