Which do you like better? Tandem or side by side double strollers?


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Faith - posted on 03/19/2010




I had a tandem for my two oldest when they were little and so close in age. I loved it, still have it actually in case the same thing happens now that I have another baby, lol! It was sooo easy to get in and out of my trucks, haul things around underneath and just get through aisle, doorways and amazingly mine turned on a dime. Couldn't say enough good things about it, loved it soo much!

Karen - posted on 03/18/2010




I have a tandem and a side by side jogger. I love the tandem for shopping, much easier to get through doors. We use the jogger for Sea World, the Zoo and places like that.

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i dont like tandem when i see them and see the child stuck in the back i feel sorry for them, just sitting their not being able to see much.
but hey its your choice.

Katie - posted on 03/17/2010




Tandem. I have one and they are nice. I would like to upgrade mine to a new one though. The wheels are sticking. If they are side by side they might fight or annoy one another. The boys sometimes fight about who's going to sit in the back [=

Brandi - posted on 03/17/2010




I have 2 kids, but have never invested in a double stroller as yet. However, my sister in law had two kids just over a year apart, so NEEDED a double stroller. She got a side by side one. In my opinion it's a pain in the butt. It's really wide (and doesn't fit well in tighter places or crowded places like fairs or grocery stores). the kids sit right next to each other, so if they are having an off day they poke at each other and argue. There is no room for ANYTHING underneath it and has NO cupholders or anything (I'm sure some do though). I started looking around for one and as it turns out am not really going to be needing one as my oldest is 4 and walks with us everywhere (as long as we are willing to build in short breaks from time to time) and my son is 2 and just uses the stroller we have. Anyway, I found one that I was going to purchase that has a reg. stroller seat for the younger child and a sort of bench for the older child to sit (if he/she doesn't want to walk any more) that has a seatbelt. It also is built for the child to stand (again belted in) facing forward so he/she can see and be standing, but not having to try to keep up. If your kids are difft ages this may be the way to go. Also, you can purchase a "step" for the back of your current stroller for the older child to stand on. It cost's about 80 dollars and attaches to the back of your existing stroller, giving the older child a place to stand if she doesn't want to walk, but not requiring a place for her to sit. Good luck.

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