which shampoo n conditioner is good for a 5 yrs old

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I have used so many hair product on my daughter that all her curls are gone...I really want her curls back 😞 right now I'm using Suave shampoo n conditioner and olive oil moisturizer. Any advice of what shampoo I can use to get her curls back.... my friend said to use Johnson n Johnson but idk 😐


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Took my daughter to the hair salon n talk to someone about her hair and got the solution solve.... was using the wrong product on her hair so now I have a new one also Michelle I had cut her hair a little bit but hopefully with the new product her curls be back. @jeramie that's the same thing the ppl from the salon said to do ...😊

Jeramie - posted on 05/20/2013




My daughter has curly hair, but rather than which shampoo i use, it matters more what I do after I wash it. try combing it in the bath, then don't brush it afterwards. Let it dry naturally after the bath, without too much interference and it may curl by itself.


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Michelle - posted on 05/20/2013




Have you cut her hair or have you let it grow? If it's grown then the weight could be straightening it and if you've cut it then she may never get her curls back.

i don't think there's anything that you can use to make the hair curly. If they did then there would be no need for perms.

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