Whiny baby most of the day!

Carrie - posted on 09/30/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My little girl, who is 9 months old, is very irritable and whiny a lot. She will play with her toys for a few minutes and then she's whining. She is only entertained by things for a few minutes and then she's whining again. I thought she just wanted to be held all the time, but recently even me holding her doesn't stop the whining. I'm guessing, it's teething...she has no fever and doesn't seem to have any other sings of sickness. Any suggestions on what to do to help my whiny baby?


Kylee - posted on 09/30/2009




As a mother of 5 with number 5 fast approaching this age, I can only say that all babies are different. It's fairly normal that at around 9 months they do become quite clingy. Teething can also be a factor like you've mentioned but is there also a possibility that you may have introduced new foods, of which she could have a mild intolerance to. If you have changed anything in her diet recently...or even routine, eliminate it temporarily and see what happens. They also change their sleep patterns a little. Could she be overtired at a time when she wasn't before. Thus making her whinge a lot. 9 months does bringa bout new changes and challenges for her physiclly also. She may be ready to start moving around. If she's already on the move, it can be frustrating to her now because she wants to move faster. I have always found they become difficult just before they are ready to achieve the next milestone with their motor skills. I believe it's the frustration they have that drives them to achieve it.

I realise you were probably hoping for one distinct answer but I hope these ideas help you in some way. Good luck!

Elise - posted on 10/01/2009




My son was a bit like that turns out his stomach was sore because he had undiagnosed allergies. We worked out what they were and gave him a probiotic, completely different kid after that!

Carmen - posted on 09/30/2009




Teething could be the reason for your whiny baby. My eldest daughter showed none of the typical signs of teething like fever, chewing, & drooling. But she got kind of the same way & I realized that the toys she was playing with she was bored with & liked something a little more "advanced". I began buying her toys for a year & 18 month olds @ about that time (providing they had no small parts of course) & this kept her pleased.


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