White noise & other sleep questions!

Anika - posted on 11/01/2012 ( 8 moms have responded )




My son will be 3 months old in a few days. Has been up until now sleeping in a Moby wrap during the day & sleeps in my arms at night (this was because he had/has reflux).

Now it's causing too many problems to wear him all day..so this weekend we are going to try get him sleeping in his cot.

Just a few questions I have..

- Can you play white noise/music for them during the day, but not at night? Because I have a 3 yr old who is very noisy so I'd really like to try drown that out during the day, but his cot is in our bedroom so we can't have it on at night cause we won't be able to fall asleep with it. Do you think it would be ok to turn it off once he was asleep at night seeing as it would be quiet then anyway?

- Do you think it would be ok to wear him for one sleep a day while trying to get him in his cot or do you think this would confuse him? Cause our mornings are hectic & I think I'd need him in there once a day to get myself & son ready in the morning, make him breakfast etc. Plus I would still like some cuddles with him :) Or should I somehow wait until he's gotten used to the cot & then allow him to be in there once a day? How long would you wait..1 week, 2 weeks etc?

- How long would you try to get him to sleep (for one specific nap) before you give up & just wait until the next time to try again?

And if anyone has any strategies/tips for making this transition easier, please let me know! That is, anything that doesn't involve letting my baby cry for long periods of time or anything like that, cause I just can't do that! Also if anyone knows of any white noise downloads can you post it here because I stupidly haven't got anything to use!


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Stephanie - posted on 11/08/2012




Anika, It worked for me, it could work for you, too. She did fuss a little, though. I was not accustomed to hearing her fuss at all. It was hard for me to listen to her, I just hate hearing her fuss. But I knew there was nothing wrong with her.

If you are really ready to get him out of the wrap, it is time to start him in his crib. I had to wait until I was really fed up with co-sleeping for it to work. I just went into the bedtime routine thinking, this is it, you're sleeping in your crib tonight, and I told her, too, "you're going to sleep in your crib tonight".

If you'd like to know more about that first night and how we went about it, let me know, I'd be happy to share.

Anika - posted on 11/08/2012




That's interesting, Stephanie. We were wondering if we should just try at night first, but I'm very keen to get him out of the wrap asap!

Julie, my 3 year old hasn't napped since shortly after turning 2 unfortunately. I miss those days!

Stephanie - posted on 11/03/2012




I found that when I started putting my baby in her crib to sleep for the night, she was much more accepting of napping in her crib during the day.

Julie - posted on 11/02/2012




Yes - try not to wear him at all for naps ... get him to sleep while holding him but let hm fall asleep against a receiving blanket and when you lie him down let the blanket go with it so it stays warm and he will not notice the transition from your body to the bed!

There is always a certain amount of noise in any home... simply close the bedroom door ad entertain the 3 yr. old with quiet games. Trust me - certain toys belong outside anyway. Noise can be very stressful, even on mom! Nap the 3 yr old afternoons so you are a few hours child-free.

Try, try again for naps... it will be worth it

Sarah - posted on 11/02/2012




Big thing I would say to you is just try experiementing. I love my white noise machine. My youngest (who also has the name Anika :) ) sleeping in the room right next to the front door and the main rooms, so we use the white noise machine to drown out the noise that is going on in the rest of the house. It has worked really well. I leave ours on all night, but that is also because my older kids are up and moving early in the morning before the little one is up. But turning it off after he is a sleep might be a good thing too....helps so they are able to sleep with or without it on. If you have a walmart, kmart, or target by you you can check to see if they have a white noise machine....that is where I got mine.

For the wearing or not wearing him for a nap, I would just do trial and error with it. Some babies need it very consistant with the same routine at each. Some need a slow transition and need just one change so they can adjust. And some adjust pretty easily and can choose which way you want to do it.

For the how long for one specific nap I would say go with your gut. Some kids do well with the cry it out method where others need a more transitional way. I would suggest swaddling him....this may help him feel all nice and cozy and help him fall asleep.

Anika - posted on 11/01/2012




I don't really mind so much carrying him, well I wouldn't if I didn't have another child. The thing is I can't sit down or bend over or anything while he's in there..so I can't really do anything with my 3 yr old, plus I really need to get him toilet trained which I also can't do while wearing him. Not to mention he's getting heavy & I never get to even hug my husband or anything. I know he will probably cry or fuss..guess I just have to accept that, cause I doubt it will work if I'm by his side the whole time. We have tried a swing a few times but he only likes being in it for 5 minutes, won't sleep in it unfortunately. He also doesn't like the car seat or pram. Basically, he just likes being on me! But I agree if he won't nap, better to have him in the Moby. But I think I'll try keep it to a minimum. I also let my oldest sleep on me for one nap a day when he was a baby, and he slept fine in his cot/vibrating chair, so I'm hoping it shouldn't matter. But then, he was a pretty easy baby, this one isn't!

I also reckon I won't get much sleep with him in our room, cause yea they are noisy sleepers for sure. Guess we'll see how that goes & move him if we have to.

I reckon it's easier when they're older to try get them to sleep.. I only had to let my oldest son cry a bit when he was 7 months old & didn't feel too guilty. I've held out as long as I can though, can't say I didn't try with 3 months of constantly holding him! It has been very difficult.

Mary - posted on 11/01/2012




Naptime and bedtime can be different. There is a big difference between sleeping during light and sleeping during dark.

As for whether or not 1 nap in the wrap and 1 in the bed would confuse him, that depends on the baby. You are probably the best one to try to be able to figure that one out!

If he won't sleep in his bed, you might try a baby swing or a seat with a vibrator or something else soothing. I wouldn't say it is "bad" for babies to sleep with motion. It is what they are used to from before birth, and they will grow out of the need for it. (I disagree with Stephanie that it would get harder to get him to sleep in bed later when he's used to the Moby...as they get older, the range of what they can handle grows, and that is more true for babies who are nurtured as much as possible. But that is not to say you are wrong to want him to nap in a bed. If that can work for him, great!)

Stephanie - posted on 11/01/2012




White noise is a great thing for babies, I use it for my 10 month old. I would think it'd be totally fine to turn it off once the little one is asleep at night time.

I tried having my baby sleep in our bedroom in her crib (cot) but that didn't work for me. My baby is a loud sleeper and I would wake up every time she made a noise. Also, she wanted to nurse more often I think because she could smell me. I ended up moving her crib to her own room across the hall and keeping the doors shut in between. I can still hear her when she wakes up, but not all the tossing and turning and little sounds.

I also used to let my baby sleep on me for naps for the first 4.5 months, and she slept in our bed. The day after I started putting her in her crib for bedtime, I started putting her in her crib for naps as well. She adjusted very quickly and was actually happier, napping better and more well rested.

I do not have any other children and am a stay at home mom so it's pretty easy for me to work around her nap schedule. If she is fussing about a nap I sometimes will let her play in her room or sit in the bouncy chair for 10 minutes or so before I try again. Also, it sometimes takes about 20-30 minutes of me going in and laying her down until she falls asleep (she's 10 months and can stand up in her crib). A good way for me to tell if she's really ready for a nap or not is if she's jumping and smiling, not ready. If she's got a fussy look with maybe a few tears, in need of a nap. I will sometimes go for a long stroller walk to get her to take a nap when she's all wound up.

I know that it's not great for a baby to be moving while sleeping, like always in a stroller or carseat, but it may be better for your little one to take a nap in the moby than to not nap at all. But, if you are getting tired of carrying around your sleeping baby, it will be easier to start now than to wait. The older the baby is when you transition, the more difficult it may be. They become more aware, etc.

It's all about what's right for you. If you don't want your baby to cry at all, don't let him cry. I, personally, had to let my baby fuss (not crying, no tears) for 45 minutes, while checking in every 5-10 minutes, the first night I started putting her to bed in her crib. But after that, she actually liked going to bed in her crib.

The sound machine I use is from Bed Bath and Beyond, it was $19.99 USD.

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