Who will give a chance. Feeling down.

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I am a 31 yr old who doesn't know what to do in life. I don't feel proud saying this but I feel ashamed because I have the responsibility to set an example for my 11yr old son. who I love so much. This is why I have to make a change immediately. All I have is a GED, worked cleaning apartments for a year $8hr with zero benefit, worked general labor for $7.00 with absolutely no benefits for about 3yrs. Most of the time I been a stay at home and haven't work much. I have been married for 12yrs. My husband works 4am-4pm job and provides for us. my community college does not offer any free classes. I want to work so bad I put job application and so far no has call me. I don't want your pity I just to hear if anyone has felt like you are at a dead end. I want to be successful to share this with my family. I know success is not hand to you. you have to ear it from scratch. Can anyone share their stories with me. I might learn a lot from you.


Julie - posted on 09/17/2015




I don't think that you are giving yourself the credit that you deserve. Everyone has a different path in life and everyone has a story to be proud of.
Here is a little job advice that I have gathered over time. Apply for every single job that you are even semi interested in, even if you don't meet the qualifications. With a stand out resume you can get noticed by potential employers with no job experience.

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I'd say if you are looking for a steady job with benefits, then you should only apply for jobs that take you in that direction. I've lived the job to job no benefit life in my lifetime as well. What made it all stop for me was actually going after jobs with the benefits that I wanted. I found a job that paid for college, and provided benefits. So, income, benefits and college all done in one job. Starbucks even pays for college now! A lot of jobs will, even to some extent, if that is what you want.

I can tell you having a certificate/specialty in something is going to get you paid a little more and offer you better job offers as well. Sometimes just taking a job for 1 year just to get through your certificate program is sooooo worth it. There are certificates in many many fields and many many levels.

Any type of training, or education is going to open up another door for you. Life rarely changes for the better if we as people don't try to seek the better, I totally live by. I push myself to do better than the old me, better for my kids, better than my parents, etc.. what ever motivates you.

You are going to be fine because at least you are talking about it, and not just giving up! THAT I LIKE AND SUPPORT!!!


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