why being a "guy's girl" is ok

Rubylee - posted on 10/15/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




OK so I couldn't find a community or whatever to find people like me so I'm writing this to see who else is out there. Since I was little I never fit in with girls. I had other interests like playing in the woods pretending to be a soldier, playing cops and robbers, backyard wrestling etc. I was never into Barbie's or dolls and I never could quite click with anyone of the same sex. All through middle and I high school I was called a slut or a tomboy because I was always surrounded by guys. I always had the same sense of humor, viewed things the same and just had generally the same interests as them. Girls always kind of confused me in their backwards way of handling things especially when it came to eachother. Always talking about one another and belittling eachother. Always a contest of who's skinnier, has more than the other etc. And to be honest it horrified me to think these people actually called eachother their friends! Guys have always been straight forward about things... Something is wrong they say it, if there's a problem you settle it one way or another, and you don't have to be anything other than yourself when you hangout and the gossip is little to almost non existent. But women on the other hand are so stealthy in their ways, vindictive and cruel. You have to always talk about someone or be something the other wants to be or they don't like you, but best believe when you leave they'll call up their other friends and rip you to pieces for the same reasons they claim to like you. Why is it so hard for people to understand that there are girls out there who just naturally for in as one of the guys? And why do so many females get jealous of this? I've lost a few guy friends because their crazy girlfriend couldn't handle him having a female friend. Classic femle bull... They flatter themselves to think their man is so sexy that all women must want the so bad, don't trust the poor guy to keep hanging with a chick he's known forever and never messed with on that level, or just can't stand that she's not the only human with a vagina in his life that he actually enjoys chilling with. But you better believe if she's got any guy friends and he doesn't want her talking to them she'll spout off with "but their my friends" and expect him to just be ok with it. I've tried many times to hangout and befriend females but they always have weird stipulations and I never really bond with them BC we never have the same likes, the end up telling me I'm too inappropriate, perverted, weird, or that I act like a guy..... Ummm well I'm sorry I don't want to only talk about kids, coupons, birth stories, makeup, hair or belittle someone else for my own entertainment. Wanna talk politics, art, music, sex, video games, conspiracies, or whatever then OK I'm cool with that but I'm not for the mindless chatter and oh God forbid I speak my mind and say something mildly offensive like anyone does in a debate... Then it's world war there and all of a sudden every member of the female persuasion knows about it AND all of a sudden knows my waist size, my relationship history, my sex life an probably my whole life history! Women go on and on about empowerment and sisterhood yet turn on eachother at the drop of a hat. Evidently my view on a female friendship is something sorted and make believe because I used to think women should praise eachother for being who they are no matter their size, background, social status, or whatever.... We have so many outside factors already doing this to us that we don't need the extra crap off eachother. Yet women always have something negative to say about one another. She's fat or she's a slut or SOMETHING! And people wonder why I chose not to associate myself with such creatures? Like it or not it's the truth and if it hurts its time to rethink how you treat others because truth always offends a guily conscious. There's nothing wrong with preceding the company of guys, now some prefer this due to lack of competition from other females, for more male attention etc. You can always weed these ones out by just speaking one sentence "omg did you see that pic of Kim kardashian wearing that bikini that was too small?" If she says anything other than who cares, you've got a classic attention seeker in the midst pretending to be something she's not for the attention of all the guys she hangs with. It doesn't take long to identify a guys girl, she's probably to normal standards weird, outspoken, unladylike, doesn't wear the latest fashion and probably post all the nerdy scrap you don't understand on Facebook. Why society labels these girls as sluts, tomboys, lesbians, ugly or whatever I'll never understand but take it from one who's NOT ugly, a lesbian, a tomboy or a slut, its OK to be who you are because what matters is that you surround yourself with true friends no matter their race, sex, religion or whatever. I really hope there are other females like this out there because its be nice to actually talk to one and have a positive experience! But if you're a guys girl or just a girl, be who you are and stay true to who you are... Never be ashamed of it and never let anyone make you feel like you're anything less than the amazing


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Michelle - posted on 10/17/2015




One of my friends talks with my husband more than me and it doesn't worry me. I was a tomboy growing up and I agree, females are right bitches!
I have always had more male friends than female friends for that exact reason. My husband has never been worried about my male friends, just like I'm not worried about his female friends. The reason they like to talk to him is he's a great listener. One of the reasons I married him.

On another note, it's always better to use paragraphs when posting a lot like you have. Admittedly, I only read half of what you wrote because without paragraphs it's way too hard to read.

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