Why do public health nurses go out of their way to make you feel bad???

Corinna - posted on 02/03/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




i have been having problems with one of the twins cameron the smallest has had problems since he was born from bowel to getting sick after each bottle. i have changed his food brought him to an woman who told me he could be allergic to baby rice etc and told me to change him to fruit and veg and lactose intolerant milk.

it worked for three days but he is back to square one again.

she came in yesterday and told me that cameron was wasy under weight he only 11 lb where as mia is 13 lb (cameron was 3lb 9oz mia 4lb 5oz when born almost 5 months ago) i explained to her that he was getting sick but still was putting up weight. she gave out that he was taken off the baby rice and that and said i should bring her to doctorin which i did and was told each time "try changing his food". she gave me the third degree wen she witmessed that cameron was vrying with hunger and him only an hour fed. then wen i brought his spoonfeed in all questions flew "whats that your giving him is that not too strong etc oh my god like i have 5 children

and then to top that all off she was giving out the cameron wasnt lifting his head while on his belly but mia was i tried again to explain to her that i couldnt put him on his belly as he was getting sick and i wanted him to keep down some of the food

am i doing anything wrong is she right i dont know what else i can do she didnt agree to me bringing him tothat woman who also diagnosed him with Candida in his stomach which is thrush in stomach and thats why he wont tolerate most foods ah i got so angry yesterday the fat that she walked into my home and made me feel like i wasnt a good mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i never ever wanna see her in my home again.

I had experiences like this before with my 4 years old when i noticed something wasnt right about his eye and for 8 months solid i was over at doctors saying this and they made out i was over protective then it ended up he was diaggnosed with cancer in the eye and if it was left another week he would not be here with us today.

i have lost faith in doctors and nurse am i going over the top what you think

like shecame on yesterday practically giving me the third degree bout his food and sees he is starving and what does she do???????? SFA sweet f all


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Irasema - posted on 02/03/2010




This all is so scary, because when we take our kids in we are assuming we are taking them to be seen by someone who we believe knows what they are doing.

Brandi - posted on 02/03/2010




After reading the original post, alot of things were very familiar to me, my youngest had all those same problems, and it took several trips to the ER, lots of food and formula changes, but it took a med student to realize what was wrong. My son was basically drowning in his formula, he would take 4 oz, but within 15 minutes would spit up 8 oz. My son was finally diagnosed with Pyeloric stenosis. Which is the thickening of the valve that runs from the esophagus to the stomach. That valve was too thick, and when it would contract to push food through to the stomach, it would push it up instead. It also caused large hard stools which caused lots of pain and tearing. After the surgery, he was able to eat normally, and became a very healthy little boy. The med student told me that if it wasnt caught in time that he could have had severe malnutrition problems, which could have caused many other problems.

I would read up on the Pyeloric Stenosis, and then talk to your Dr about it. I would also request someone else to come to your home. You do not have to be treated like that. If you feel you are not being treated fairly, it is your right to request someone else. It is in the national HIPAA laws.

Best of luck to you.

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My first pediatrician was an IDIOT. She kept sending me and my son to the children's hospital in Chattanooga for ultrasounds and xrays on a healthy baby boy. She was absolutely determined she was going to find SOMETHING or ANYTHING she could to make him a sick baby. She said he sounded congested, and she said he had a swollen lymph node under his arm. He just wasn't sick. She drew blood, she poked his little feet, she even tested his boogies in his nose. I could see the disappointment in her eyes when she would tell me she thinks he's sick, but he's not showing any signs of being sick. He has no fever, he's eating FINE... he's gaining weight, his development is perfect. She would call me into her office telling me that there's an emergency and I would FLY to her office breaking every traffic law, only to get there and she tells me she can't find anything wrong with him. After she said "I DON"T KNOW" to me a dozen times, she convinced me, she REALLY doesn't know!
I went and found another pediatrician, sat down with her, told her everything that the first doctor had told me, she read that doctor's notes in my son's medical file, and JUST to be safe, she sent us back to have ONE more xray done, just so SHE could see what this idiot was talking about. All xrays performed by the second doctor showed NOTHING. There was NO cause to send me or my son three hours away from home to the children's hospital. We learned when we were setting up the second set of xrays, for the second doctor, that the xrays could be performed right in our home town, there was NEVER a need to send us to Chattanooga for the xrays or the ultrasounds. They all could have been done five minutes down the street from Idiot's office.
Please don't be afraid to change doctors, nurses, midwives, or anything else. This is YOUR child you are talking about. Demand the BEST.

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Who is this person that is telling you how to take care of your kids?...I assume she holds a position in healthcare but can't figure out for the life of me why because it sounds like she doesn't know what she is doing. Definetly change doctors if you don't like the doctor or the staff. I trust my daughters doctor and her nurse 100%...otherwise I wouldn't be taking her to her. Her doctor and staff listen to me, which is so important because I am the one that KNOWS my child....I am the one that takes care of her daily! Whoever is supposed to be working with you on your child's condition should be listening to what you have to say and it doesn't sound like they are. As for comparing your twins, this woman shouldn't be doing that.....they are two different people and different sexes at that....they are going to develop at their own pace! Find a different doctor and get rid of that woman(whom I assume is a nurse or something). Talk to friends/family memebers that have kids and see who their doctor's are. Or get on here and see if you can find a local group for where you live...maybe those other moms can help. Shop around!!!! Hope that helps! Goodluck!

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I was a nurse before I had children and it sounds like this lady id way to burnt out and is passing on her bad life on to her patients which is a big NO NO, If I were you I would find another Dr. or I would report her to her boss and let them know how she made you feel, I wish I could help you out more, but I have found that there are some awful people in this world that want to make us just as misserable as they are. Just keep your head up and stay positive you are doing all that you can, dont let her make you lose faith in the medical field.

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I feel that you have to trust & have confidence in your childrens (and yours for that matter) doctors and nurses.They need to work with you not against you.

Check around and change doctors. I don't know if many people realize this but you are the customer and if you are not satisfied with the service...you can go elsewhere. They are providing a service and if it's unsatisfactory...change. If you continiously get bad service etc.. at a store.....wouldn't you stop shopping there????

And like you did with your 4 year old...follow your gut and be firm. In your gut you knew something was wrong with his eye even tho they kept sending you home without doing anything. You were right...you just knew.

How old are the babies???? Are they under 6 months? If they are younger, they are a little too young to be eating "solid foods". If Mia isn't having any problems with it...maybe Cameron isn't ready yet? Since they were little at birth, they may need longer to develop. Try checking to see if there is a communitiy on here for mom's of twins ....there may be someone there who would have more experience.

Good Luck & Best Wishes

Teresa - posted on 02/03/2010




1 thing i have found works with bowel movements is pear juice, don't dilute it and it works wonders even with adults, just make sure your child is not allergic first.

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