why does my 4yr old daughter pee where ever she feels like it?

Anjelica - posted on 05/17/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




my daughter is 2 months shy of being 4yrs old, she has been potty trained since she was almost two because i had a surprise pregnancy (her and her baby sister are 18 months apart) and i got tired of having to change multiple diapers at the same time. anyways we moved to a new house in August of 2016 and that's when my 4yrd started to pee where ever she felt like going its not all the time but enough for it to be extremely frustrating. she always goes on the potty but sometimes she just goes where ever.

she had a traumatic birth,her heart beat dropped below 50 and the cord was wrapped around her neck and was baby code blue, and im sure she has some issues due to that. She has a high sensitivity to noise and loud music or even her sister crying hurts her ears and she has a low tolerance to touch (like cuddling and fabric).

She starts preschool in September and she is so excited for it. but when i tell her if she keeps peeing everywhere then she cant go because the teachers aren't going to clean her up she says 'i know' or 'i don't want to go'. she also refuses to go to the bathroom alone, she always needs me or my husband or our oldest daughter to go and help her she knows how to do all the steps for using the bathroom. im not sure what to do, please help.


Michelle - posted on 05/19/2017




Have you spoken to your doctor about it?
We don't know why it is happening, there could be many reasons.

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