why does my toddler still behave badly when im trying to distract her

Tiffany - posted on 07/25/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




i have a 26 month old daughter that loves to help me clean the house and take care of her little brother. I have been having problems with her behavior for almost a year and have been trying to include her to help me do things around the house as a type of distraction and to show her attention since brother gets alot more than her. I will let her put spices in the food when im cooking, give her a rag to wipe off tables and whatnot but it always ends with me mad at her for being bad somehow or another. i try to be patient and explain what we are doing( or after a few minutes its what shes do badly) but its like talking to a wall and then after that doesnt work after awhile i get really mad and usually yell.I just dont know what to do anymore and i need ideas or help figuring out why shes still behaving badly during the distractions.


Amanda - posted on 07/26/2011




Give her choices. Let her pick which things she wants to help with. Or involve her more with taking care of the baby (let her hold the bottle, get a blanket or toy) so she'll feel like a big girl. Make baby's nap time a time for the two of you to spend together without distractions.


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Tiffany - posted on 07/27/2011




i dont really have anyone to watch the baby during the day but he still sleeps alot. I try to give her choices in everthing that she can have a choice. Most of the time she wont give me answers, she just repeats what I ask her.

Jeneva - posted on 07/26/2011




Do you give her choices? Asking her what she would like to do or help with? She may love to help you clean or cook but if she gets bored with it, she may not know how to tell you and instead she starts "being bad".

Stifler's - posted on 07/25/2011




my son does this too. then i decided that going to the park was easier.

Katherine - posted on 07/25/2011




I have a 28 month old and she does the same things. I honestly think it's the age. Maybe you can take an hour out of your day and spend some time with only her.

That way she gets your attention for an entire hour. Can someone watch the baby?

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