why has my baby always got a rash on his face

Danielle - posted on 03/06/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




since my son was 2 weeks old he had a terrible rash on his cheeks and got told it was a heat rash, he had this rash for about a month. since then he has always had dry cheeks. the last month he came up in a rash again but it was all around his chin,neck and cheeks, we went to see out of hours doctor and said that it was ezcma, so he gave us oilutum cream to apply 3 times aday. when i went to see my local gp he said that it might just be dry skin, it really annoys me as i went to see the doctor as wanted answers and now they have both told me different. i have been putting this cream on for about 3 weeks now and the rash comes and goes. sometimes it really flares up around his chin and his skin looks tight. he is also teething as he has just got his 1st tooth, so i know one of teething symptoms is a rash. im going to make another appointment with my doctors as his rash has not got better at all. has any one else had problems with their child when it comes to rashes. it just feels like i am always putting cream on him every minute of the day. please can any one give me advice


Jenifer - posted on 03/06/2010




It might be Scarlet fever. I know this sounds scary, but a child in my sunday school class was diagnosed with it, along with the strep throat, and when I looked it up, it said that a red rash was not uncommon with a strep infection. Some kids are more sensitive to the toxin, and it results in a rash. Below is the website. Good Luck, and God Bless!



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Kristin - posted on 03/07/2010




First, absolutely get him checked out by the doctor, possbly even asking for a referal to a dermatologist. You are the advocate for your son, so you need to really impress your concern about this on them. I could be a vairety of things that could be cleared up with a course of antibiotics or another appropriate medication. If it's viral though, antibiotics won't help so don't take them if offered for a virus.

Second, to help with the rash keep it clean, dry, and appropriately moisturized. Bibs are really helpful when they are teething as you've got a blotter attached to his chest. You need just do a quick rinse with comfortably warm water to keep him clean. Cleansers might just make it worse. Follow that with a good thick lotion; Aquaphor or Eucerin are what I used with my boys, but in a pinch petroleum jelly or A&D Ointment worked too. I tried to stick with stuff that if my kids accidentally ingested a tiny amount , think what you would consume after applying lipbalm, wouldn't be a big deal. If heat makes it worse, a cool wash cloth or the gel BooBoo packs can be applied periodically to make him more comfortable.

Have you started him on solids? If so, it could be related to a dietary sensitivity. Some of the cereals and dairy, even when breastfeeding, can be a problem and manifest that way. This is probably going to take lots of trial and error, but you will get it figured out. Good luck!

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