Why is my one year old screaming at bedtime all of a sudden?

Stacey - posted on 05/11/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am at my witts end. My daughter, pretty much since she turned 1 three days ago, has been screaming bloody murder before bed, protesting, fighting me, won't nurse to sleep, wont take her paci, but the moment I get her up, and take her into the living room, she's fine. I've ruled out hungry, wet, teething, tummy aches, everything I can think of. The only thing I can figure is she's going through a growth spurt or about to hit a milestone or something. Can anyone relate? She's so close to walking. I'm guessing this is it, but I can't hardly bear trying to rock her to sleep while she's fighting me the whole time, but I also can't bear to just let her scream in there. Any tips?


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Marylou - posted on 05/14/2012




i agree with Tina. The kids tend to go through different stages where they will all of a sudden be afraid of something for a while. Maybe try a night light as well or spending time in her room during the day so she can feel more comfortable in there again.

Tina - posted on 05/12/2012




It could be anything. Maybe something in her room is scary. There was some stickers on my sons cupboard that he was afraid of. Could be afraid of the dark maybe she's bumped herself or something one night trying to get mobile and that's scared her or maybe just feels comfortable in the living room with you. They do tend to get separation anxiety at this age. My son got a bit difficult. Maybe if you can get her to go to sleep in the living room then gently put her to bed while she's asleep.

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