Why not provide more info about your home business?

Sheri - posted on 02/11/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I want to preface this post by giving a sincere "Thank you" to the moms here who are up front about the details of their businesses! Keep it up - there are plenty of ladies here who are considering your business as an option and will be more willing to trust you because of the info that you give.

Now to my point...

I hope I don't come across disrespectful here, but I'd really like to let the other home-based business owners know something... You sound like Amway when you give a hook like, "Make great money while raising your own kids" but you don't provide any information about your company other than your contact info. I've responded to many of those ads over the years and at the bottom of the rabbit hole, have always found that they are either party plans or scams. NOTHING wrong with party plans of course! I've enjoyed being with a few myself, and though they can be fun and rewarding, they're not for everyone. Why not save us searching moms a little time by telling us UP FRONT what company you're with, what you sell and/or how it works. When you don't provide that info, you look like you're intentionally trying to hide something the same way Amway used to a few decades ago and most of us will skip over your ad. That is why your posts get little to no response... I'm willing to bet that most of these tech-savvy, Facebook moms have already done quite a bit of internet research in their quest to work from home and they're tired of getting the "run-around". Not that YOU would do that! But do you see that If your post looks the same as a Craigslist or newspaper ad (especially considering Facebook is free) you risk sounding like a scam. You could tell us nearly everything we want to know about your business, right up front! For example, what are your profit margins? I was with a party plan that I liked but almost jumped ship for another after hearing it had a 15% higher profit margine on their products (Okay, so I'll give a plug to Mary Kay, even though I still love The Body Shop). Meaty info like this will do more to get people interested in your business than a simple, over-used hook.

I currently ebay for extra $ but am still interested in hearing about other jobs I can do from home. I will no longer, however, spend time chasing after elusive ads, putting up with getting schmoozed by a rep and having to disappoint them (yes, I care) by letting them know in the end, that it's not my thing. (In the time it takes to figure out who or what the company is about, I can list several things on ebay!)

Again, I'm not saying y'ALL are like this! Just that many of us have been through it so many times that the vague posts don't stand out as promising anything different.

I hope you will take this into consideration and may your company prosper and family benefit from it!


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Jessica - posted on 03/26/2012




I have just started selling IT Works! They are the wraps that are being sold in salons for high prices. But selling it myself I can sell it for a HUGE discount and beat the salons prices. They are toning wraps and are being advertised at celebrity events and used by celebrities so the product is selling itself. Especially when there are people going to salons searching for this product and I am selling it much cheaper. If your interested in starting this business too you can signup here. https://alleynahbeauty.myitworks.com/rep... , it is 99 to start then you must sign up for at least an 80 a month shipment of product to sell to keep commissions coming. But 80 a month is nothing compared to what you are selling.

[deleted account]

Check out Jockey Person to Person, the newest division of Jockey (yes, the undewear company). You will love their line of leisure and activewear. Jockey Person to Person started in the US in 2005 and Canada October 2008. It truly is a groundfloor opportunity.
Send me a message if you would like more information.



Stephanie - posted on 02/11/2009




Here's my ad...the same one I responded to.  It was a no brainer for me, not MLM, no parties, no inventory, no shipping (I also sell on eBay).  Just get people to click on the link and the website does the rest.  Aw, go on...give it a shot!

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Kelly - posted on 02/11/2009




I am one who is frustrated with the vagueness as well. I tried to find out more information from the websites and such but found there was nothing concrete there either!! I want to know where I'm jumping before I jump. I think starting your own business is a great idea but can be intimidating for most. I keep asking myself what I'm passionate about and have yet to come up with the answer! I don't know what I want to be when I grow up lol.

Sheri - posted on 02/11/2009




I really enjoy working on ebay - I don't mind dealing with pictures because my set up is always ready to go. I think it would be a little sad if I broke down the profit-per-hour but like I said, it's for extra $. Jewelry doesn't sell well on ebay anyway (too hard to compete w/ cheap imports), so you're doing the best thing by having your own webiste. Your jewelry is nice, by the way, and it's pretty inexpensive for handcrafted!

Donielle - posted on 02/11/2009




I sooo agree with you on this!! I don't even bother looking at the post. My advice to any stay at home mom looking for an at home job...find out what u are good at and try to market it, period. Everyone has something to offer. It takes time to think about it and get a business plan together but it is worth it in the end to know you did it and are the boss. I started my own jewelry business online and was so scared of failing. I'm happy I did it and I don't have to worry about trying to "recruit" others or sell a certain amount to be the "team leader" of a pyramid scheme....lol! It's just the beginning but u can check it out at...(www.wisdomswork.com) How do you like doing the EBay thing? I always wanted to try it but don't have the patience to take all the pics and stuff. 

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