Winter days can be sooo long...need more activities!!


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Kay - posted on 12/30/2011




I am getting really frustrated with my iPad.. I wrote a long reply to you and then I hit the wrong key and I deleted it. It was a good reply too! I will try to give you a shortened version. I read in a baby book that everyone needs to be out of the house for 2 to 3 hours a dayThis can be a walk which can turn Into a nature hike if you point out things. We would bring things we found on these walks and use them for table decorations or in crafts.We would go to the grocery store often during the week. I talked to them the whole time we went up and down the aisles about what we were buying. A schedule can also be good for all of you. We had regular times for crafts,snacks, free playtime,naps,music time and yes, good tv show time. I always told them we have to do chores and we went from room to room and they helped as best as the could. We also tried to have playtime with friends as often as possible.We made a big deal out of the seasons and the holidays. In the winter, we brought in snow and put a little maple syrup on it.. We cut out snowflakes and put them up on the wall. The possibilities are many if you have a theme. They will be learning like little sponges as you share the fun of discovering the world around them! Blessings

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