wishes stretch marks would go away? anyones go away i know it takes long time....


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Jenn - posted on 10/03/2009




Nothing makes them go away - they will fade on their own over time and I guess some people say Bio Oil will help to fade them but I haven't tried it. I didn't get them too bad - even after my twins - but I did get some on my hips. I don't really worry about them - who's going to see them anyway? Hubby doesn't care - he got more than I did during my pregnancy because he was eating right along with me LOL!

Sam - posted on 10/02/2009




i didnt get any stretch marks and i had two kids.I have a 3 yr old and a 3 month old.But i do no that bio oil works.Im from the uk and my sister used it on her tummy ryt thu her pregnacy and after and it works.Apply twice a day to tummy and area where they are.Also try putting a coupl of drops in ya bath water and it really helps!

Tracy - posted on 10/01/2009




I have been using Shea Butter mixed with Tamanu oil...and it is working wonders. Look up tamanu oil ( http://www.naturalskinrepair.com/tamanu-...) and you will see that it is a cure all for all types of skin issues (ie. cold sores, acne, burns, bites, sore throats, even leopracy). The oil is a bit pricey but it so worth it! You can get it at any health foods store (ie. Whole Foods) or online. I whip the oil into some shea butter and my skin is so soft..I even use it on my face to help with dry skin and wrinkles!

Rebecca - posted on 10/01/2009




i have been lucky so far with only a few here and there but after using bio oil i got from the chemist they r nearly gone :)

Lorna - posted on 10/01/2009




im sorry to say that they dont go away, but they do fade with time.best to just accept them , afterall most moms have them so your in good company!!

Susi - posted on 10/01/2009




i use bio oil on mine when i remember and mine have almost gone but mine do not worry me i'm just so happy being a mum to my little man it balances out the silly things like stretch mark. but i wasn't all ways after i'd had him i hate them and i woudn't even let my partner see them but he was so understanding i so realised i was being silly and i doesn't thing he even seem

User - posted on 10/01/2009




I am covered in them from my two pregnancies. I applied bio oil every single day of both pregnancies and for a small time after. They were very red and noticable but after a couple of months they have faded into silvery lines. I can still notice them and I don't like it but I see them as my war wounds and am trying to change my minset about them. My two precious boys are more than worth it. So yeah they do fade with time but mine haven't completely disappeared.

Caroline - posted on 09/30/2009




Kinda gonna advertise here but im also telling u the truth I promise!

K I personaly dont have any yet **Knock on wood!**

But my older sister has tons from having 3 children. She bought some Anew clinical Professional Stretch Mark Smoother and in a couple of months they have faded so much! I can hardly notice them unless im actually looking for them lol. Any ways if you interested http://carolinewarren.avonrepresentative... or if you have any questions leave me a message! I can also give u a code for free shipping!

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