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i was home for the first four months of my daughter's life, returned to work for four after that, and am now home indefinately and i was wondering if anyone had any advice on good work from home programs. there are so many survey and data entry things out there, has anyone actually found a good one, or any other way to make money as a stay at home mom?



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We're really not supposed to put info about work-at-home stuff on the boards.
I do work at home and it's been amazing! I had been working full-time & going to school full-time and my husband worked full-time. I worked from 4am to 2pm, had an hour commute, then basically traded keys with my husband so he could commute 1 hour, work from 4pm until midnight or later and it started over. We did this for 17 months and had almost no couple time... it was so stressful. My sister had been successfully working from home 100% and kept trying to get me into it. Finally I was desperate enough to try it and it really really works! I work from home, pick my own hours, and do what I love... helping others stay fit & healthy!
If you'd like information on what I do and how, please message me. I'd love to pass it on to you so you can research it and find out if it would work for you!
Hope this helps!

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If you are interested in direct sales, look for companies that belong to the DSA, Direct Sellers Association. Those are legit, not scams.

If that doesn't float your boat, perhaps you could babysit during the workday. I did that for a while, and my daughter and I enjoyed the company of the other little girl.

Are you comfortable tutoring? In my area, it's not uncommon for tutors to be paid $20-$30/hour. You could take on one or two elementary school students after school each afternoon in your own house.

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