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Are there any legal, work from home forms of employment available? If so, how do you like it?


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I love my work at home job!! It's really nice, I work mostly online and on the telephone (I like voice communication or doing skype over chatting, but some people do it 100% online). If you'd like more info on my job, please message me, as we aren't supposed to pitch our jobs on the board.

There are lots of legit work from home jobs out there. Lots involve products, like Mary Kay or Avon (I am not a good salesperson, so that wasn't a good match for me, but a friend of mine makes a living off of Mary Kay). Some are online designers, editors, transcriptionists, and the like where you use the internet to connect to a business and do a specific job. Those are harder to find, but they are out there. As a teenager and part-time after I was married I worked as a computer programmer with a small computer application design company, it was almost all online - I uploaded stuff into our web portal; I just had to attend annual meetings and certain seminars.

My best advice to you is research!!!!! Talk to people who actually do these jobs, ask for real info, like how much time do they really spend on it, how much money do they really make, what are the criteria for advancement (or bonuses, etc.)? If the company is legit, this shouldn't be hard information to find. Be wary of the "invest nothing make millions in a month" ads; usually those are scams. A real job takes work, takes time, but there are some legit ones with unlimited income potential.

Good luck in finding a work-from-home job... mine has been an answer to prayer for my family!!
~Hope this helps!

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