Work from home jobs???

Chelsy - posted on 11/15/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




Any mom's have or know of a legitimate work from home job that makes decent income?

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Tara - posted on 11/16/2011




I work from home as a medical transcriptionist (I type out doctor's reports) and I make okay money - you don't start making "support yourself on your own" type of money until you are into it for a while, but it is good for supplemental income.

That said, you usually have to complete a medical transcription training program and they can be pricy - my course was $4500 but I had it paid for by an employment insurance retraining fund because the company I was working for at the time went belly-up.

If you like selling stuff Regal, Avon, Mary-Kay - any of those you can make an okay income from but you do usually have to buy a start-up kit (most of the ones like this are between $20 and $100 for your kit and include all your first catalogs and some base inventory).

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