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Vickey - posted on 08/27/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm just having a rough couple days.... I am the only one out of my group of friends and friends wives that feels it is an important job to stay home and raise children I feel like they are talking down to me and treating me like less of a person... i don't know how to deal with these feelings and how to let them know that the things they say are disrespectful.. please any advice would be helpful. I was recently at a party and the subject came up about my childless friends having kids and it is brought up every time how they don't want to just "stay at home do nothing and watch kids all day" this is hurtful to me and makes me feel like they look at me as less than a person because I stay at home with my kids ( 2 and 4) and only work 12 hours a week as a nurse.. I just need some advice as to how to let people know that they are being disrespectful without me being mean.


Cesi - posted on 08/28/2014




Who knows if they are even honest maybe they jealous of you? Some want to stay home but cant afford it so they act like they prefer to work but are lying. I can see when people are being honest and either way i would just say any job like at home or office has its good n bad just because they talk bad about stay home moms doesnt mean its true just their opinions.


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Jodi - posted on 08/27/2014




Your hurt is actually your issue, not theirs. I don't think it is wrong of them to say what they don't want to do. They aren't pointing out that you are any less because it IS what you want to do, they are saying it just simply isn't something they want to do, and that's ok. I can't see how it is disrespectful for them to express it isn't something they are interested in doing. What you need to do is adjust your perception and stop taking it as a personal jab at you and your choices.

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