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Hello mommy's,
I just want some feedback on a new adventure I am starting. To begin I am a single, but also young mommy haven't finished college yet. I have gone through some tough times but I am happy for my experiences. As most mom's know single or not it is really hard to find a job that will allow your bills to be payed but at the same time are children friendly. I have had a hard time with this. I gave up everything to take a plunge into nursing school and also lost everything at the same time. My son is 2 years old and it's really hard for me to find someone to keep him because of my late hours at work. My parents live 2 hours away so I have no family here with me during the week, when my job wants me to work most. My son's daycare is open until midnight. Although it is I would hate to leave him there for a late shift. Last week I worked until 11 and my poor baby was the only one left I felt so horrible. They are not working with my schedule At ALL. Next week they have me on the schedule for an OVERNIGHT shift. I can't do that! Well, anyway to make a long story short I have just been hired for alpine access/Sykes. The hours are crazy but it is working from home as a call center agent. I know it will be challenging but I am kind of running out of options I have to take a chance because I'm not getting many hours at work and the hours I work at work aren't working for me which means less money and no daycare. This job at home will be full time, and until I can conjour up the money for a nanny I need to manage at least a month alone with this new WAH job. Have any of you ladies ever worked for alpine access/Sykes? Or any call center jobs? If so what can I do to minimize the noise or keep my baby busy. I am going you try to take him to daycare at least 4 hours of my shift and the rest I will need other ways to manage. Any tips ladies please help. (:


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I suggest that you don't post your personal contact details on an open forum. There is a PM feature that you can use here.
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