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Both parents are working and when both of us are working his mom watches the baby and i fear that the baby will think his mom is her real mommy and im just a stranger!!! On my days off i spend as much time with as i can and still feel it isnt enough time ,any advice or help that mite make a mom lesss worrie and scared


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She will still know you are Mommy. I worked full time for the first 3 years of my son's life. I did work from home so I saw him a lot, but we had a nanny and I always feared he would not know which of us was his mom, or get confused on the role of mom, all kinds of fears. None of them ever materialized--He always knew I was mom, always wanted me when he was scared or hurt, and was always happier with me playing with him than the nanny.

It helped me realize that it is not the "quantity of time" you spend with them that develops the Mommy Child relationship, it is the "Quality of time" you spend with them.

Nannies and grandparents are great, but they don't replace mommy--the dynamic is different, so don't worry.

Shannon - posted on 04/17/2011




Trust me hon, she will know that you are Mommy. I was 17 when i had my first daughter and i still lived with my mother and worked 2pm to 11pm, so i feel i missed a HUGE chunk of her formative years, but she definately knew that i was her mommy, just spend every chance you get with your baby and make each moment count. Good luck!


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