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I am worried that my man is unhappy since my daughter was born . I been with my boyfriend since I was 5 months pregnant . He use to sing to her and talk to her he went to ever appointment with me even tho she's not really his. But since she's been born he kinda with drawn himself from both of us . She is 6.5 months now she says dada all the time an sometimes he will spend time with her . What I scared if us he's cheating he didn't know anyone around he so I told him make friends an he did he will disappear for hours an not answer his phone nothin so as a women first thing pops n my head he's cheating , then today to top it all off he got fired for sexual harassment but he said he never did anything . What do I do I feel like I being pulled cause I love him to death an don't want my daughter to go without a dad but I don't wanna b used wait her any ideas


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Weird. I thought I already typed a response to this. I remember saying if you have no trust you have no relationship to build on. But then, his lack of interest could jsut signify your relationship evolving past thehoneymoon stage. Put yourself and your daughter above the drama and make sure you think logically. It could be he is having trouble bonding with your daughter. Birth doesn't lead to a magical link between caretakers and the babes. Try and voice your concerns in a nonconfrontational way.

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