worst mummy ever :(

Missy - posted on 11/26/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Last night was the worst day of my life. EVER!! i was out shopping with my partner and our nearly 5mth old son and he was due a feed, so i give him his bottle while walking round some shops and put him back into his car seat when he was finished ( my pram has a connection where i can just put my car seat onto the frame of the pram ) and we continued to do our shopping.

we got a taxi home, my partner went to unlock the door and i was undoing the seat belt from my sons car seat and i lifted it out and took a few steps and i heard a sound i will never forget to the day i die (its upsetting me to even write this ) THUDDDD and i turned round and froze solid. my baby boy was lying FACE down on a CONCRETE ground and not making a sound.

MY whole world completely stopped for about 10 seconds, then he cried! i rushed him to hospital where he was tested and checked over and he was thankfully healthy and unharmed ( well except for a very swollen lip and a cut on his chin )

Im thanking my lucky stars that 20 mins prior to this awful accident happening, we bought him a new snow hat which had a turn up on the fore head part which is what basically saved his life!

Im breaking my heart because i was so careless that i forgot to strap him back into the seat and he could have died. Im petrified to carry him up or down stairs or strap him into the car now. The guilt is ripping my heart to pieces, i dont know what i would have done if he had been seriously hurt. I feel like the worst mum in the world.

he is my second child i have an 8 year old daughter and i never ever dropped her, infact she has never had so much as a paper cut while in my care. i was so careful and when she was a baby i was very young, i would expect my carelessness to have taken place back then. not now.

I literally dont know how to get past this, im so scared of hurting him or putting him the way of harm :( i know its only been 24 hours but i cant get the image and the sound out of my head,its haunting me.

im not the only 1, the taxi guy who was there when it happened called to our house today to see if my son was ok, he said he never slept a wink and will never forget his wee body lying on the concrete ground :(

Im too embarrassed to tell any of friends what i done so i thought i could maybe get some advice on how to get over this whole ordeal from some other mums ? :(


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S. - posted on 11/27/2012




You will never "get over it" you will always remember that day and thank your luck starts he's ok, you will however learn from it and always check he's strapped in. We all do stupid things it's human error, I'm a new driver and just the other day I drove up the street and my 4 year old shouted "I'm not strapped in" lucky we never got far and I could pull over and fasten her in. When my oldest daughter was 2 she swallowed a penny that got lodged in her throat, she had to go to the hospital to get put to sleep and get it removed, she'd been put to bed, she'd escaped out of her baby gate and snook in my bedroom were the money was, thankfully she was fine and I felt guilty for year I'd ask my self What if I it had been a different out come? she 13 now and we still have the penny in a jar as a reminder.

Sometime our minds get pre occupied and we miss things, it's not a good thing but it happens. Don't kick yourself to hard for too long.

Michelle - posted on 11/27/2012




Oh Hun, I completely understand. My husband was looking after our daughter (my 3rd, his 1st) and she rolled off the couch. He was absolutely devastated and sat cuddling her for hours just saying sorry the whole time. He was crying because he said he had broken his promise to always protect her.

The good thing is that your son isn't hurt and he won't remember it at all. I don't mean that to sound mean at all but I'm sure you will be more vigilant and make sure he is strapped in from now on.

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