would you send your sick child to their fathers for the weekend if there are other kids in the house

Julie - posted on 10/30/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




is it right to send them for the weekend if you know there sick? other kids in the fathers house and i mean newborn possibly? i find this happeneing to me alot and my son always ends up sick and now my husband had to miss a day of work because he is sick..i find myself contemplateing the right answer all the time help me out ladys??


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Tracy - posted on 10/30/2009




definitely wrong to send when children or adults are sick. I was in the same boat, I wouldn't send my daughter to her dads if she or any other child in his house were sick. that is just gonna keep it going back and forth to everyone. communicate and know what s going on with other family before sending! thats just inconsiderate for them not to tell you they are sick, and if they do, for them to still want yoour child to be there. definitely refuse the visit! you have to look out for YOUR child's well being!

Caryn - posted on 10/30/2009




Absolutely not! As much as I can't stand her, my DH's ex and I communicate constantly, especially when one of the kids is sick, with even so much as a cold. DH and his ex don't have court-ordered costudy arrangments so it makes it more flexible for us to switch my DSD back and forth.

I think even if there is a court-order the parents of the child need to be flexible enough to switch weekends here and there to keep others from getting sick.

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