yes since i moved to minot,nd,i decided since there was no childcare in minot that stay at home with my 4 yr old son while my fiancee worked .don't get me wrong i love being with my son.but i miss my work in hospitals and talking with friends and family .i just get so bored and lonely my fiancee works everyday and never see him and just feel like a failure.just want something to do but without childcare and being new to the state and city what can i do for me and son from boredom


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Kristen - posted on 03/30/2013




thank you kelly for the information that u gave me,but we have already did that and after a year of the same things like storytime,lego night once a month,malls,snow up to 4 feet and -11 temps there are no parks open ad most parks that are inside cost like i have told most friends and family been there done it.i did join a mops community sad part is i have no car since we only have one car in the household.there are no meals on wheels here and i come from the city don't really trust people with my child wit things the way they are you can't just leave ur kid with we are moving to florida in a few hopefully community will be better then where we are.besides i take college courses online and teach my son at home so we do keep busy i just meant for me and son to meet people our age,but with cold temps and lots of snow amounts it's hard.minot north dakota is still rebuilding from their flood 2yrs ago and it's a very small town so very limited things to do.we have bee to library every weekend,malls,and easter eggs hunt just we do keep active just like i said very limited things to do here.but thanks again.i do believe i am a successful stay at home mom.

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To be a successful stay at home mom, you have to have a lot of self discipline and initiative. If you just sit at home all day, cleaning the house and speaking to no one but your child, you will be miserable.

Check out your local library. They should offer story times for preschoolers at least once a week, usually several per week. They will also offer tons of other activities on a regular basis, such as children's concerts, craft days, imagination stations, etc. Most library activities are free, and they are a great way to meet other moms and build a network.

Also spend time at the parks in your area. Say hello to the other moms there, tell your child to introduce herself when she sees someone new at the playground. Not everyone you meet will become a friend, but if you don't greet everyone, you may miss out on meeting your next best friend.

Consider volunteering. I have always been very active in my community services. There are many volunteer opportunities that allow you to bring your child with you. J & I delivered meals for Meals-on-wheels for a few years. These housebound people LOVED seeing a young child--the vibrancy, innocence, and curiosity of young children are nothing like what we see in adults, so it is a very special treat for them to have a child visit. There are also "Adopt A Grandparent" programs in nursing homes. You and your child will be paired with a grandparent who has no friends or family left to visit. This is a VERY rewarding experience--my son and I learned SO MUCH about other cultures listening to their stories. I also took J with me when I started a reading program for the children of displaced and homeless mothers. That one can be stressful, but it is SUCH a great start for the kids.

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