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what are other 10mos old's daily food intakes/schedules? i am not sure if i am feeding enough, or enough variety, waht is everyone else doing?


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I honestly don't "measure" what he eats so its hard to say in terms of amounts. There's such a wide range of what's "normal" for babies at this age (or any age) though. I hardly feed my 10 month old pureed baby food anymore- he refuses it- I give him whatever he can feed himself.

Breakfast- usually some baby cereal (for the iron and because they fortify it with so many vitamins) mixed with fruit... 4 oz maybe? Or sometimes some scrambled eggs, "real" oatmeal or cream of wheat, or "adult" cereal (kix or cheerios or something) soaked in milk.

Lunch- A little bit of anything/everything. The other day it was cut up tomatoes and mozzarella chunks, some bread, diced apples (the Gerber kind in the jars). Sometimes he gets yogurt mixed with a fruit, or cottage cheese, shredded cheese, sometimes I share my soup...

Dinner- whatever we're having as long as he's able to chew it. Veggies like peas or carrot chunks, rice, soup, chicken. Sometimes I still try to get him to eat some purees to fill any nutritional gaps.

I basically just try to give him a little bit of everything every day- fruits, veggies, a starch like bread or rice or something, and a little meat or dairy. Basically just the same as I would for me. Again though all babies are different and your may or may not be ready to eat as much table foods as mine. As for how much- like I said I don't measure it, I just try to go off his cues and when he seems to lose interest in eating, or start playing with it instead lol, then we stop. Oh and all that is in between the 5 bottles he still gets every day.

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