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Stay at home mums that want to work from home!

I am a stay at home work at home mum. I couldn't bring myself to leave my daughter and want to be at home for the first few years with Sianna ( and maybe a second child when I can convince my partner!) so I found a opportunity to work from home and actually change our lifestyle dramatically for the better. Surviving off one income has been a challenge and I'm looking forward to all the doors this opportunity is going open for us! Paying off our debts, Not drowning in our bills, Being able to travel and buy our own home. Another plus has been the confidence that I have gained and look forward to gaining in the future! I would love to connect with other mums doing the same, who want to do the same or who are in the same position I was and don't want to choose between their kids and financial stability! Would love to hear from anyone who wants to join me in discussion.