Stay at Home Young Married Mothers

For the Married Mommy's who stay home and talk to each other!!!!


Any Moms in West Arizona!?

Young Mom who is dying for some friends! My husband is in the Air Force and I just want someone to have girl time with and who has a child around my daughter's age a year and...


attitudes about SAHM

Do you think the attitude that people have towards us has changed over the years, or do they still think we are lazy, unemployeds using our children for an excuse? Has anyone...



have any rainy day ideas? I have a 21 month old and take care of three children christian who is3 Kamryn who is 6 and Nic who is 8.. have any cute Raine day ideas to do with...


I need your opinions!

Ok, I have been seriously thinking about having another baby pretty soon, since next year will be 5 years since my last and I wanted all of my kids to be 5 years apart. The...