my 6 yr old mean disrespectful step son

Deanna - posted on 04/08/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Omg. I am at my wits end. Im crying non stop. I cant take it anymore. I wanna beat the life oitta him. He wont listen. Hes mean to my daughter and his older brother. If he cries dad attacks everyone. He lies non stop. Today he threw a bike at his brother. A bike. A huge object. I grounded him to his room. After he lied about not doing anything wrong i told him he was cleaning his room and not coming out. He said no. Threw a fit. Kicking throwing toys. Screaming at me. How much he hates me and this is not my house. He wont listen to me. (i took video) Dad comes home yells at me for coming home to this argues with me over i need to get along with his son. Long story short he did not clean his room. Hes out in the garage. When i went out to the garage to say something my step son gives me dirty looks.. So i kept my mouth shut. He constantly hits my daughter. Repeatedly kicked outta school for hottong his teacher. So now hes two days in being good at school and a complete ass at home. My fiance dont care. Dont listen to me or his older son. I am pregnant. I seriously can not take this favortism. I cant take my 6vyear old growling at me. Or scowling behind his dads back. Purely does not respect me. All i can do is cry. This is taking a toll on our relationship. And in my fiances eyes hes told me i will always chose haydens side. "Ive left lots of women because of him" well we r pregnant and so financially tied leaving is certainly not an option. But hiding in the bathroom crying is not either. I honestly hate this boy. That is so awful of me. Punishing him is useless without his dads support. I dont have a clue what to do. His 12 yr old brother is abused by him and dad blames the 12 yr old. I see it. Why cant he

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