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Sharon - posted on 10/21/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My partner has 6 children, the youngest special needs. Weve been together years and got on really well and i loved them like my own until 2 years ago when an argument started with the girls in the family. it got out of hand on their part and since then, the 23 year old has gone out of her way to cause trouble including the others. it ended up with her trying to turn my own son against me and everything she says the others believe. it ended up with arguments where my sister went up to confront her as she was getting out of control and threatening her through facebook. i went up 5 mins before to try and diffuse the situation d try and talk to the mom and they ended up making up lies to everybody. now im not allowed access to the 17 year old special needs child. All ties on my part have been cut as the eldest son hit me and abused me in the street along with the other daughter. its gone from bad to worse. A neighbour witnessed this but has chose to lie for the step family. Ive now been told that the reason that i can no longer have access (after 8 years of being okay and actually doing more than her family has ever done with her) is that i have violent tendancies and she is worried about her safety. here is my dilemma. Do i go to a solicitor and start deflamation of character proceedings as i would like to do. i have said i would do a lie detector test. i dont know how its got to this point and previously the girls nearly drove me to a breakdown and i had to have councelling but this is now making me so angry as its all lies. What should i do apart from the proceedings for access which is what we have to do.


Kelly - posted on 01/01/2011




im so ssorry your going through this! it worries me abotu my own two step children samantha and alexis... but i think what i would do is takea step back from the situation first of all...the youngest is special needs and you may not have access?!?! what is the husband saying about it and doing about it...???? shoudlnt he step in and fix this for you ? maybe time needs to pass a little until then dont get too occupied with any thing other than being the good mother you always hav ebeen to your own daughter and the wonderful step mother i am sure you are to the other girls...if there is a problem with their end on that, then you simply remind me you dont havce to like me or love me but you are under my roof and you will do as you are told. dont crawl to them to beg their forgiveness.... its unneccesary you have raised them for 8 years...what do you have to proove?


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