I am a Bio Mom and my son is 17. We live in a very small community.

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I am a Bio Mom and my son is 17. We live in a very small community. "Sally" has been my sons step-mom for 4 years. I have had primary custody of my son for his entire life. He refers to Sally as Sally as she is only 12 yrs older than him and they struggle to get along sometimes. She refers to him as "my son" on FB and in public. My friends and family AND my son are frustrated by this, but my son would never say anything as he respects his dad and their marriage, as he should. How do I deal with the anger and disrespect I feel when "Sally" refers to my child as "her son" ? I am looking for a new perspective to keep me from reacting negatively to her continued, as I see it, disrespectful behavior. My son has talked to his dad and asked him to sk her to stop referring to him as "my son". It is petty..I agree..but it is a constant source of frustration for us. Thanks so much for any help provided.


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Hi, I am both a bio mom and a step mom and from my point of view as a step mom, she should definitely have more respect about your son's feelings on this. Especially since everyone involved is on the same page except her. She's putting on a face for every one else and that's not okay. Dad should definitely have a talk with her and let her know how his son feels. I am always respectful of my stepson and his emotions, he's only 5 and I've been in his life since he was a little over a year old so we've had time to bond. But he does get into those moods where he doesn't want to hug me or anything, and I respect his need for space and encourage him to only spend time with his dad if that's what he needs.
Good luck and I hope anything I wrote helps. I'm new to actually trying to say anything on here :)

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