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Step mom's

My name is Mary I have a step daughter. She is now 25 but I have been here step mom since she was 3 years old. When she was 10 years my husband and I got custody of her. when she was 16 years she wan't to go back with her mom. My step daughter moved out of her mothers house at 18 and no contact with us for 5 years. didn't see her once or hear from her. At 24 she moved back into our house. She said she wanted to move back in to get her diploma, drivers license and car. She is working consistantly since whe was 16 years so thats a good thing. But, its been almost two years and done none of that. Just going out with friends everyday and night. When she is not working. Her father told her if she doesn't get her license or save for a car she is going to have to pay $200 a month to us. She did it once and stopped. its been 4 months. What do we do?