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Rachel - posted on 06/22/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Okay heres a little background I've been dating this man and he has a six and a half year old boy. We plan to get married in a year. Chase his son can't wait. Hes already started calling me mom. Much to his mothers dislike. We have full and legel custody of him. His mom only see him when she wants to and only keeps him as long as she want him. Its been more since I've come into the picuter. So now she supports to have him for six weeks this summer and she now thowing a fit about it that she wants him longer. She's never had him more then a mouth at a time. So I'm waiting for the call for us to go get him. Now Chase calls me a few times a day to ask when he's coming home. She mad that he calls me. And that he wants to go home. She keeps telling him that hes stay the whole summer and he gets very upset so he calls me and until Brad his dad tell me other wise. I've been telling him were coming to get him on Augists frist. So I dont know what else to do. Does anyone know what I should do??


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Kelly - posted on 01/06/2011




maybe its better for him to say something like you dont wanna come home yet cause you will miss your mommy and you dont see her that often. You could miss out on so much fun. We miss you too chase but its okay we are all okay here and i know that you are okay there... possibly just ask him for details about whats going on there... maybe something is making him uncomfortable... good luck.

Jackie - posted on 07/15/2010




For some reason bio mothers get like that. Ive got a similar situation and my step daughters mother hates me. We've met once. Shes in Iowa and I'm in Kansas. You'd think that bio mom would be glad that he loves you like that because it means that your treating him right.

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