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Lee - posted on 11/18/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




ugh this BM drama has pushed me to the edge.....this is an email i sent the BM after she called my house 3 times calling me down and outta my name to my SS.....

i know that having class is a very hard thing for you however try and show some maturity when calling MY house i DO NOT and HAVE NEVER called you down to either of these children HOWEVER as i say to the kids you get what you give and if you call me out of my name one more time either via FB or on the phone while talking to my step kids i will take action against you..you may think you are earning brownie points by acting like a child but all you are doing is showing them that their step mom has more class then you do therefore showing what a fool you are..as you have stated many times i am here 24/7 365 and have the power to make these kids believe anything i want them too..i would NEVER lie to these kids about you but i will however stop hiding the truth of who you really are to them.Cameron has a hard enough time without you talking bull to him for once in your life do these kids a favor and either grow the fuck up and start showing some consideration and respect for the fact that i am doing YOUR FUCKING job the one you couldnt do do leave them alone and stop fucking with their heads. i hate everything about you as im sure you feel the same as i do the diff is im putting the kids needs ahead of my wants..try it sometime......i dont want a reply truthfully i could care less what you have to say....so like i already sad grow up and start helping these kids or do us all a favor and FUCK OFF.

end results you may wonder??
3 more phone calls a chat with my DH and then a final phone call to my SS saying she was told not to call anymore....the games never stop with her.....i really hope that she wont call anymore my SS might be sad for a few days but in the long run he will be much happier and so will the rest of my house...i couldnt stand her crap anymore i had to take a stand and if given the chance id do it again!!!! also ive been deleted from her FB lol as if i care:) feel free to leave any comments you'd like and GOOD LUCK STEP MOMS YOU ARE ALL AMAZING PEOPLE ♥


Sherri - posted on 11/19/2010




I have a criticism as well as snaps to offer you. First, the bad news...

While I understand and can relate to your frustration, in one sentence, you're addressing the class that you have and in the next, you're telling her you hate everything about her and cussing. You also addressed doing "her job" and said it with contempt. I feel I should caution you against things like that. If she decides to get vindictive and show your SS that email, it's very likely that your SS will begin to see himself as an inconvenience in your life AND regardless of how good of a parent you are, kids are naturally inclined to take the parents side. It's called a loyalty bind and as long as the BM is alive, you will NOT break that bind. Not to dismiss the role you play in your SSs life as I'm in the exact same boat as you're in.

Now the snaps. Good for you for standing your ground and not allowing her to dismiss you so easily. I think that you should absolutely have let her know that you're not going to tolerate nasty phone calls coming to your home. You should stick up for yourself and your SS, but next time, take a day or at least a few hours to mull it over. Take a drive and call a friend. Rant and rave to someone you trust so that when you sit down to write an email, cooler heads can prevail. You've let her know that she has control over your emotions...... the opposite of love is not hate-it's indifference. You have to be cold and emotionless with a BM like that, otherwise, they devise ways to keep you rilled up like saying "I was told not to call anymore". Then, you'll just get angry again when and if she does call. By showing indifference, you show your class and you let her know that YOU have control of your emotions and are not going to allow her junk to infest your home.

Dont' get me wrong, this is not easy. I feel the anger and the hatred and it festers inside me, but I will never in a million years give BM the satisfaction of knowing that she has ANY control in MY home.

Hope that helps.

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