Birthday party with both sides of SD's family???

Jessica - posted on 10/13/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




So, for my SD's next birthday, we would like to do a party with our side of the family, as well as her BM's family. BM is completely on board (she actually suggested it last year). A lot has gone on with BM's health this year, and I think it would be such a positive thing to have everyone all together, getting along, to celebrate. The only problem is, we would need to think of something that is fairly affordable, and will accommodate 40-50 people.... I also wanted to be able to invite some kids from my SD's school, as we have just moved to a new town, and I want to promote new friendships. I know that the BM will help out with the cost, but I don't want to get ridiculous with this party, after all, she's only turning 10!!!

My only thoughts are, to maybe have some girls from her class over for a pajama party on another night (pizza and a movie)... But what to do with 40 family members??? We live in a condo, so that definitely won't work. Her birthday is in the beginning of April (I know I still have a long time, but I'm already stressing about it), so the weather may not be warm enough for an outdoor party.

My SD's aunt and uncle have a renovated "garage" on their property (it is more like a party room), but I'm not sure about asking them. It might be a little awkward for some, as BM is not a big part of my SD's life and there are definitely some negative feelings toward her (which are MORE than justified, but long story)! I know everyone will behave themselves, but doesn't that seem like a little too much to ask of someone? Have a party for my kid, and invite a whole bunch of people you have to be fake around? Any ideas, PLEASE!!!


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Megan - posted on 10/16/2010




Is there a Salvation Army Boys and Girls club in your town? That is also an option. It isn't very expensive and the kids can swim, play in the gymnasium, etc. The cost often includes a lifeguard and supervision for the gymnasium.

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I like Betty's idea of a pizza place! I also remember that our local pool had a party pavillion that my parents rented out for me a few times. I don't think it was that expensive, especially since they provided the food from home (instead of having the pool provide it).

Good luck on figuring it all out! :)

Betty - posted on 10/15/2010




A pizza place with an arcade is good for big parties like this and then you don't have to clean up after it. I would go ahead and have the kids from school come to that too instead of throwing a separate party because with a sleepover you will need to feed the kids twice(dinner and breakfast). BM would feel left out if you threw a seperate party after saying you want to do one together and some parents might not be OK with a sleepover anyway. You can say in the invite that food and drinks will be served to the kids, that way all the adults will be prepared to buy their own food if they want to stick around for the party.

Chrissy - posted on 10/13/2010




First off, kudos to you both for planning a party with BM family involved! I would do the slumber party thing with friends another night....Have you looked into maybe renting some space, like in a recreational facility? Some parks and communities have big rooms like that. I would also inform the BF family that BM was going to be there, but that this party is for your SD, and if they couldn't behave then they shouldn't come. Do the same for BM side too. Best of luck!!

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