How do we stop my SD from starting fires?

Christy - posted on 05/30/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 10 yr old SD has developed a fascination with fire. Apparently she has set several at her BM home and has gotten into trouble there for it. While she was here this weekend she set fire to a bucket on our back porch then left it to burn. After she realized she couldn't hide it she came in and told us. The fire had burnt so hot it melted the siding of our house and was getting down to the wood underneath. She lied about it and said the dog started the fire. what concerns me most is not that she tried it I know kids may try playing with fire but they usually stop when there are negative consequences. She has no remorse at all. She never said she was sorry she was not concerned with the danger she puts herself and others in. As soon as she thought we were done lecturing her she was all smiles wanting to got play on the computer. I dont know what to do, nor does my husband or her BM. This is dangerous behavior we tried showing her online what fire can do how fast it can burn out of control, burn victims etc but no impact. We are lost at this point. Any suggestions?


Jenni - posted on 05/30/2011




This sounds like a red flag for some form of emotional or mental disturbance and should not be taken lightly. Some children light fires out of curiousity but this to me; seems to go above and beyond. If she is continuely setting fires it would be considered an obsession especially if you've attempted to scare her straight and she still has no remorse for her actions.

How is she getting a hold of lighting devices in the first place??? Keep them locked up and well secure.

She needs immediate intervention before this results in severe injury or death. She needs professional help. DO NOT try to go this one alone.

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