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I hope most of you read my recent post called "SO FRUSTRATED WITH THIS COURT CASE" lol well in there I said that I was about to need to go to counseling... well, the process has started. I think some of you know about the things I went through with my fiance and he is in sex offender counseling for a mistake he made 2 years ago by having sex with a minor, who wanted it i will add, and her mother found out cuz she was bragging about it, and he was arrested and all that bullshit... he made out with a misdemeanor charge in endangering the welfare of a child and a year of sex-offender counseling... he's not registered, not on probation, nothing... and he follows all of the rules and he tried his best, and he is a WONDERFUL father to our little girl. after all the crap that went on in the court hearing (read other post for more info) last night he was at counseling and all the perverts there that have real offenses, are registered, and actually raped people, told my fiance that he shouldn't have his daughter.... now, tell me... if my fiancee shouldn't have his daughter just cuz he had sex with someone who wanted it and planned it all out, then why should those ass holes who have real offenses and mental health issues deserve to have their kids????????????? that counseling place pisses me off because they keep trying to control my fiancee's every move and it keeps bringing him down that he gets talked to like that and treated like that when in all reality he didn't do anything wrong but make a bad decision and have sex with a minor who asked for it... i mean, she begged him, she said she would wait up til very early in the morning, she had the condom, and she climbed on top of him.... so i don't understand why he's being treated this way. it just hurts to see him get put down like this so bad...
so anyways, after all this bullshit with dealing with the other hearings, and then tuesdays hearing turning out like it did, i found out that my daughter's grandmother who were up against is actually not in agreement with everything and she is trying to find anything that could prolong the process or screw my fiancee over in getting custody of HIS daughter, where she is just the grandmother and her BM doesn't want anything to do with her... after tuesday and then hearing about the shit that was said at his counseling meeting last night it was the last straw... after tuesday, i had called the doctor and set up an appointment to talk to my doctor about anxiety medication and i would have had to wait til next week. then i called this morning and told them i was not doing very well at all and i needed to get in ASAP and my doctor squeezed me in because she knew about the court case and she knows about me and how i get sometimes... so now i was put on Klonopin and Visteral for my anxiety... i just couldn't take it anymore. i was having panic attacks, hard times breathing, and i would just start bawling randomly and i felt like my head would explode.... after only taking two of the klonopins, i feel a little better, and i am better able to control my emotions when talking about my situation, whereas before i would just start crying and couldn't really say what i wanted to say. the visteral is for when i feel a panic attack coming on or when it starts... and i also am going to start seeing a counselor.... i guess im just looking for someone else who has had to deal with this much stress and couldn't handle it anymore and decided to be put on medication to help take the edge off... and i also want to know if anyone has any ideas on how we can get this to go in our way faster... we need our little girl home with us more than anything... i just feel helpless cuz we're not married yet and i basically have no say in anything that happens or have anything i say be considered by the judge... does anyone think that us being married would make a difference??? I really need some advice. any advice. even support would be nice. i just can't handle this on my own anymore. i'm trying to stay strong for our little girl and i'm trying to stay strong for my fiancee cuz all this stuff is really making him down and i am worrid about him cuz this counseling shit already makes him feel somewhat worthless and like a fuckup and these past two days just added a whole bunch more onto that load he's carrying. how can i help him relax and not put himself down so much cuz I can't keep seeing him putting himself down and feeling like crap. it breaks my heart... sorry this was so long but i'm desperate


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I am praying for you. I too have been locked in a court/custody battle with my ex since 2003. So I know how you feel & what you are going through

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::HUGS:: I'm thinking of you guys. There are some things I'd like to share with you that I can't put on this board, but I'll send you a PM soon (as soon as I get some free time!). Just know that you are LOVED and stay positive and strong :)

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