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Seriously, why are the bm`s so freakin childish all the time!? I think almost evry post that i`ve read on here sounded the same including my stepsons bm,she just angers me stepson lives with me and his dad his dad has had full custody since he was 1yr old he`s 6 now and i`ve been in his life for 2yrs now and me and his dad have to kids together( he never married the bm) anyways she doesnt no how to be a mom she lets the kids do whatever they like no disipline at all ss goes overto her house 1-2 times a month on wknd last wknd we found out she was at a party doin drugs and drinking were the heck were the kids???!! doesnt she her son for couple wks then when she dos see him she leaves him at sitters! who does that! whats wrong with people! just wondering why bms are always so messed up i mean most of us on here are bms too and we dont act like that?


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Rachel - posted on 04/25/2012




Oh Larrisa and Penny, I just love ya'll. We've been through the same mess. oy. We also seem to think that BM is upset that we don't have to have drama all the time, that we have lasted longer than any of her 4 other marriages and we are truly happy. Her kids were 3 and 4 when dad started getting regular visitation, 6 years later we are still together. She tried to tell the psychologist that something had to be wrong with us because I didn't come to court with my husband anymore. I couldn't stand looking at her lying face! She tried to say we were having marital problems and it could affect the children. Note, she is on her 4th marriage and has 5 children by 4 different men. If that don't affect the children, I don't know what.

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I think Larissa said it! I didn't use to believe BM wasn't happy but I now truly believe it. She doesn't want my husband but she can't stand it that he/we are happy. She is a poor excuse for a parent/woman. She puts on this 'mother of the year' facade but she openly alienates SD, lies about us, and tries to get SD to think badly of us while sticking her in the middle. It's a sad, pathetic game putting an 8 year old in the middle and making her choose sides. SD was 4 years old when I came into the picture. Hubby and I will be married 5 years this fall. You'd think BM would get over herself but I think she has a miserable life and she can't help it. She's 32 years old, works at a local grocery store where she has since she was 18 years old, lives at home in the middle of no where with her parents and SD, mooches off the government.. Her best friend is her mom and she wants the same for SD. Sad, pathetic woman.

Larissa - posted on 04/23/2012




Unfortunately, most BMs were too young to have kids when they had them. We came into DH life after BM and DH were together, and maybe they are jealous they cant find what we and our DHs have together, or they simply missed out on their youth and are trying to relive it. Now obviously I'm not speaking for all young mothers, there are plenty out there who chose to grow up and be real mothers to their children, but there are plenty who don't know how to deal with having kids and still being kids themselves. They never got the chance to grow up, ya know? But I think most of it is how angry BMs are that their ex is happy and has moved on... even if BM doesnt want to be with our DH anymore, they are still jealous that they have a happy life with someone else. I thought BM in my story would have stopped being jealous after she got married.... turns out she would not stop talking about my DH anytime she was away from her own husband. DHs sister met BMs husband and said they were alike in a lot of ways (but different too) and thats why she married him.... 1 year after BM being married (and only 15monhs of knowing the guy altogether) she is getting a divorce and a restraining order......... see how badly she wanted what my DH has? UGH! Now the kids have to go through all this again (she left a longtime boyfriends a month before she met the guy she married). Poor kids learn to really like these guys and be in the guys family and then have them ripped away.............. sorry, went on my own little venting rampage there.... anyway, I think I put my 2 cents in for now :)

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