SD is using her dad

Jeanne - posted on 04/15/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am very frustrated right now. Since turning 16 (and hubby buying her a new car) my SD has only spent on average 1 day every few months at our house. Now she'll only come if dad fills her car up with gas, and this was encouraged by her mom who has custody, although we only live 20 miles away. We pay child support, car pmt and insurance. Now, she was invited to prom as a sophomore and SD expects us to pay for a prom dress too! I feel like she is using her dad just for the money. And he feels guilty bc he doesnt see her every day so he gives in... Is this a teenager thing or am I being too sensitive?


Louise - posted on 04/15/2012




This is a little girl thing I am afraid. My daughter is only three and she knows how to manipulate her dad into giving in to what she wants. I think it is unreasonable of the mother to expect you to pay out for everything. The father should ring the mother and say he will pay half of the bill but not all of it. He seems to be paying for more than his fair share.


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Lesley - posted on 04/16/2012




i do get what you are saying. my ds is 13 and before she moved in with my hubby and i she would come on weekends only when she knew we were doing something and spending money. she would call to see of we got her birthday, christmas and easter presents. when i understood that is what was going on i made my hubby understand that is what was going on and he called for her one weekend and she asked what we had planned and seen for himself what she was doing. and yes he was paying child support. and i am not saying that he shouldnt do more for his child bc yes he should just paying child support sometimes doesnt help but i think she was taking it way to for. she has been living with us for 6 months and her mom has not bought her a christmas or easter present so what was really going on?

Larissa - posted on 04/15/2012




I think it's a teen ager thing. She thinks the world owes her something. Your DH should make an effort to get her over to your house more often to hang out. If she refuses, then he shouldn't feel bad for not seeing her, because thats her fault.

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