Step mom and step children. 5 all together

Lacey - posted on 01/12/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am new to this so thanks for welcoming me. I have married a wonderful man. I had two children from previous marriage he had 5. 4 of which are quadruplets. Within the past couple of months the ex wife and I have started getting along and communicating. This has made my relationship with step children wonderful! I never knew how much tension they could feel from their mom and I resenting each other. I used to dread them coming over and now I look forward to it! Its awesome and believe me if I can get through this anyone can


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Stephanie - posted on 01/17/2010




Welcome Lacy, I am also new to this and have a similar story to yours. My fiance and i have been together for 10 years and I had twins and he had a little 2 yr old girl. When she moved in with us the mother was pregnant and getting evicted so her brother came to. We now have 3 15 year old and a 13 year old. We pick up the mom for holiday and social parties and activites and she lives with my mother n law. The best thing I see in this relationship is if they no longer want each other and u let the kids see their parent for who they are and never down talk them (no matter how bad u want to some time) they grew to up be healthy non issued children. Unlike our upbrings.
However, i just said they all are teenagers now and theat is a totally different story!!!!
But welcome and we are here if you need us!

Kelly - posted on 01/17/2010




Lacey, I am at that place with you. I think that I communicate far better with his ex than he does, and she has been extremely supportive of her daughters relationship with me, which allows the girls to love and respect me without feeling guilty. And I get to be the parent with their father, when they are with us every weekend and in the summer etc. I can not imagine how challenging it would be for my and my child to have not only this man in our lives but also his children if we didn't all get along (most of the time at least). I have to say I am lucky though, my ex is also very good about the step parent role my partner plays with our child together.

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