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Tonya - posted on 05/18/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Me and my Boyfriend have been dating for 3.5 years now and this years would be the first time I get to meet his daughter. I have been looking forward to seeing her since for ever but his ex would never let it happen. She always made some thing up about why we couldn't get her. She told his that as long as he is with me he could not see his daugther. i don't want to be the one that stop him from seeing his baby. She is also mad at the fact that we have a 1yr old daughter together and she have never seen my her older sister.What should i do??


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Heather - posted on 05/22/2009




he can go to court and try her for parent allienation which is against the law. She can not dictate who or where the child is aorund. Some parents can loose their children to the other parent for parent allienation. A serious thing to do to your child. A parent has no right to decide whether or not the father has the right's to his own child whether he is with someone else or not. She is trying to control your relationship and if he doesn' t get the courts involved then she will win. He can under the statue of parental allienation can be made to pay the court cost and attorney's fee for he actions and if she does not obide by the rules then she can find herself in contempt and spend some time in Jail. I wonder if it would be worth it to her then.....

Michelle - posted on 05/20/2009




i agree. take her to court. do you guys pay child support? if so, tell her youre not paying anymore until you get to see your sd. if she dosent agree, shes the one loseing out in the long run. while you might not get to see her, she'll eventually realize what her mothers like. theres 17 years between me and my half-sister and we get along great. hopefully one day ur girls will be able to get to know each other and get along too

Di - posted on 05/18/2009




Tonya, what a terrible thing she is doing to her daughter. Not only is she trying to control your boyfriend and his relationship with her but she is also denying her daughter the opportunity to have a sister relationship. He needs to stand up to her. She has no right when he has his daughter to stop him from introducing you to her. Fair enough when you first got together but the fact that you have a child together says that you aren't going away in a hurry. Once you became pregnant you should have started to have contact with the sd. But how dare she stop the two sisters from having a relationship. My sons have always known their sisters and the relationships are beautiful. What a b*&#h. Sorry, just ranting and raving here. It gets to me sometimes what mothers do to their children under the guise of looking out for their child's interest. Its all about the mothers selfishness.

Christina - posted on 05/18/2009




You should tell your boyfriend to get a court order for his parenting time, and then she can't stop you from being there when he has his daughter.

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