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Step mothers having difficulty with biological mothers

being specific about issues regarding the bilogical mother of your stepchild. Not the otherway around. This is not about arguements, its about support and advice. this is a place to make friends who are having similar issues. Feel welcome to express yourself openly and honestly. Lets keep this community safe.



I was just curious if anyone know the answer to this question? My fiance' and I are getting married in 5 months. He has joint legal custody. But she is the "custodial parent"....



Just a question. Why is it always MY fault when my husband doesn't step up for his son? I just can't understand what both my husband's problem and bm's problem is, there is a...



Hi Ang and the rest of this group!! I love the thought of this group, and can't wait to read some people's questions, advice. We can all learn alot from each other, I for one...