Step-parent Adoption

This is for step-parents who have adopted or are adopting their stepchild/stepchildren. It is also for biological parents of children being adopted by a step-parent. Come share the journey with us! RULES: #1) Absolutely NO bashing, under ANY circumstances! If you pick a fight, send a personal message or don't do it at all! Every instance of it will immediately get you removed from this community. #2) Please be careful about how much information you give (i.e. children's full names, personal information, etc.) #3) Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Opinions do NOT need to be rude or snide, and responses and reactions to those opinions should be respectful and understanding. (See #1 rule)


Thinking of closing this community

We aren't really all that active, so I'm thinking about closing this community and maybe just starting one on Facebook. I don't know if they have one or not. In any case,...