OK I kinda have a biggie. I am a mother of three and one is a step daughter who has ADHD. She has a problem wetting the bed and during day. I have been to the dr and he just keeps on putting her on meds and I don't want that. ANY ADVICE?


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Megan - posted on 05/14/2011




Try the meds it will help my 7yr old SS wets the bed (just at nite) by me limiting his fluid intake helps out tremendously!

Kenna - posted on 03/21/2009




My son who is nine just recently quit wetting. I do don't like the med thing. So I adjusted his diet. One huge thing to consider is not only how much she drinks before bed but how much carbonated beverages she drinks during the day. Carbonation increases bed wetting in children as does caffine. Though it drove my son nuts I had to cut out all carbonated beverages and not allow him to drink anything but water after dinner. I also would wake him up and take him to the BR when I went to bed since he had already been asleep for severl hours. I am also now trying the same thing with my step son who is six though we only have him every other weekend so the process I sure will take much longer. If adjusting her diet does not work then Savannaha has a good ides with the alarm unless you SD is like my son and DOES NOT wake up to alarms! lol Good luck

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How is she acting that they are calling her ADHD and do you agree with this? and For wetting the bed there is a program for that which is there is an alarm that would wake the child up when it sense wetness. my sister's daughter went through this the program was recomended by her doc it was a mesh mat the my niece would lay on and would sense the moisture and the alarm would sound and she would get up and go to the bathroom. i think it took a month or so to stop completely. It is something to do with the stages of sleep that everyone has and you fall into to deep of sleep. hope that i helped you.

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