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stepmoms vs birth moms

this a place that stepmoms can ask questions and express thier concerns. birth moms are welcome as well. lets find a happy medium



My partner and I got custody of his daughter this year after she experienced homelessness with her mother. I instantly bonded with his daughter and I sincerely love her as if...


Why is it always about the birth mom

Why is it that whatever the birth mom wants she gets? Will she ever just get out of my life and leave us alone? She has to know everything that happens when the kids are with...


big fight---literally

So this evening, my sd's birth mom decided to start screaming at me and saying how she wanted to physically assault me. I made the mistake of involving myself in her drama and...


picture albums?

im thinking of making my step son a picture album full of his family (i.e. his dad, grandma, aunt, and mother) but im not sure if it would be appropriate to include me and his...


WAS potty trained...

i am a step mom to a 4 1/2 yo boy. my husband and i got married 2 months ago but have been together for 2 years. cameron has been fully potty trained since he was 3 with the...


Why does it have to be war?

Can anyone tell me why it has to be war between step and bio moms? We are all in it together. I am both, I have one biological and two step children. My daughter doesnt see her...


i just dont get it

im not understanding how people can be so mean for no appearent reason.... they are nice to your face and then in a sec they try to manipulate you being civil into some sort of...

Started by TIFFANY KATHRYN on 02/22/2011 in Stepmoms Vs Birth Moms

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why is it that step moms are classified as evil doers who just wanna play mommy to other peoples kids? when in reality im not evil i love my step son like my own. i have battled...

Started by TIFFANY KATHRYN on 12/21/2010 in Stepmoms Vs Birth Moms

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Just chatting

Nothing to say really, other than; I know in my family we aren't the closest family; but there are times where I feel as though I don't exist other than for holidays. I also...