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This is a place for Mothers who have experienced having a baby that was Stillborn. My name is Rebecca and I gave birth to twins in 2003 that were born still. I know the pain and have went through the trials. I have done many things since our girls have passed like pass the Stillbirth law in WI and was the founder and president of Heavenly Angels which I retired from in 2006. Please feel free to share. God Bless Rebecca


Lights of Love International Wave of Light

JOIN US FOR THE OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL WAVE OF LIGHT OF PREGNANCY AND INFANT LOSS REMEMBRANCE DAY Founded in 2003 and officially established in 2004 Lights of Love is a Bear...

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Is it Wrong of me?

my daughter was born still on the 6th of Jan of this year. Today we saw the doctor for my follow up appointment and we couldn't find a reason why she died. me and my fiance...

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Living everyday for you! My baby angel above!

My name is Jasmine Elise first time mother. On 10/15/2014 @10pm my world was rocked. My first child, my oh so desired little one. Sooner than i expected i had to let go and give...

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Anyone have remembrance tattoos?

I want to get a tattoo for my son Eli who was stillborn on August 29, 2009 and am looking for ideas. Does anyone else have a remembrance tattoo and if so do you mind sharing it?

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New Member- How to cope during the holidays.

This is a post/question. I hope that's alright. My name's Mal, and I lost my daughter Angelica on September 25th 2012. I was 26 and a half weeks in to the pregnancy. I woke up...

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34 weeks and i lost my boy

7/31 At 11am my son was fine heart beat 166, 7/31 at 4pm I went back into the hospital in so much pain. They couldnt find my sons heartbeat. I gave birth to my sleeping angle on...

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lost my baby at 26 weeks

Hi all, I lost our baby girl Jessica Louise Grace at 26 weeks, i didnt feel her move for about 12 hours and was worried so went to the hospital to get checked out,that was on...

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Does the pain ever go away?

I know its very raw for me still, as I gave birth to my second daughter Imogen on 20th April 2012, she was breech and after a very difficult, stressed birth I gave birth to a...

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Remembering my son's birthday. My sweet Chad would be 8 today. I can't belive it. I relive that day over and over again. Knowing what I know now, I would have insisted on an...

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living without my baby girl

I lost my baby girl Kamille on Nov 22nd . I woke up that am did my regular routine ( I have four small boys) off to school. I did not feel her move that am so after eating...

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lost my baby girl

I am 18 years old and I was pregnant with a little girl named Gabriella and she was supposed to be due on nov 19th 2011. At 20 weeks I found out she had a ccam which is a...

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Just venting

A lady at church lost both her husband and son in a car accident and said that to lose a child is worse after you've got to know him than it is for us who had a stillborn and...

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Should I forgive her?

My mother and I havnt spoken since my sons funeral 4 and a half months ago. My son came early and was stillborn, while I was in hospital she started stirring with my mother in...

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Feeling ungrateful....

My first baby, a daughter we named Gracie was stillborn in February 2006. I was 34 weeks when I realised one night in bed that I hadn't felt her moving all day. We went straight...

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Do you ever just sit and think?

Sometimes I think about my baby. Would he be playing football right now? Would he be as hyper as my other son? I just have so many questions. I hope this doesn't make any of...

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