Stir Crazy E-Town Moms

As a recent “Stay at home Domestic Goddess” of 2, I often find myself feeling isolated from life's playground as the merry-go-round dizziness of parenthood fades. I know we've ALL been there and boy what a rollercoaster ride! Are you thinking what I'm thinking about the name? If the shoe fits... If you are going stir crazy, my hope is that this group will save you. It was created SOLELY to return sanity and stability to the lives of those Domestic Goddesses who sometimes feel like they don't have a strong enough network to keep them going. As an Army wife and a mother, I just want to make a small difference in the lives of others and, for my own sanity, form many great friendships. I want to takes away the overwhelming challenge of meeting others and provide a strong support group that we all need to help us face the day-to-day struggles and triumphs of life in the military and just life period... Whether your days are a finger painting mess (been there) or neat like a tower of blocks (done that), join me as we create lasting childhood memories for our kids and lasting friendships for ourselves, wherever the journey might take us. So, let’s fill this group with delightful children and extraordinary parents to provide the perfect support group for us Domestic Goddesses and an excellent play environment for your little princess & G I Joes. From In-Home Play dates to Field Trips to Family Events to Moms' Nights Out, your calendar will be CRAYOLA colorful with things to do!