Stop abuse against mom's

I see it evewry day I have friends who have been abused, I have family members that have been abused. I have seen the hurt and frustration in familys of loved ones who have gone through abuse.


please give me some advice?

I currently live with my son's father. He is suffering from what seems to be PTSD, and rapid cycle bi-polar. He is delusional at times, extremely paranoid, very aggressive, he...


help me please my husband is worst

i been with my husband who is 33 for 6 years we have 7 kids, 3 togther, one from me , and he has custody of his three!!! he has always put me down at times, and has hit me alot,...



If you or a loved one are experiencing abuse we are here to help and guide you through...we together will come up with ways to help and protect you.....Please share with us so...