strength in numbers

strength in numbers is a club i created for mothers of all types! we are all different in everyway but we all have so much in commen! love is one of the strongest emotions in the universe and mothers posses that power! we have love and care strength and compassion for our lives and children! we bared the labor pains and the painfull ribb pokes and kicks! we are the strength of this world! together we can do anything! and thats why i am making this my club for women that give up so much and to have the strength to carry on everyday sickness and in health... exc..... this club will allow you to vent no matter what you are feeling and get support from other mothers in the community! feel free to express everything and dont hold it in we all are here to lend a helping hand! : )


Is wanting only one child wrong??

I'm a 35yr old first time mom of a beautiful 8 month old baby girl. I had a difficult pregnancy with many complications during birth' resulting in an emergency c-section. Two...


What do you want to know?

I want to know if it's wrong to only want one baby. I'm 35yrs old and have a beautiful 8 month old baby girl. She was a traumatic birth, pregnancy was not pleasant. Is only...