Strict mums

Well I am often told im very strict,controlling,im very pro spankings discipline so let's have a community with like minded mums that believe in these values to bring up good decent children. Let's find others that have simmillar ideas beliefs and ways. Let's find others that have high expectations and that believe you only need tell once only. Lets chat


Making the Punishment Last

I caned both Jane and Michael at the weekend - 6 of the best across their bared bottoms before church. Today Michael said that his bottom is still hurting and I told his that...

Started by Michelle_williams on 03/06/2018 in Strict Mums

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The benefits of spanking

My husband and I are firm believers in the benefits of spankiing. Our boy 14 and girl 12 are regularly spanked and occasionally caned on their bare bottoms. We believe that the...

Started by Kate on 02/16/2017 in Strict Mums

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Question Help

What was the first time you were able to spank with the belt or strap...... what age...... and does it differ from boy or girl....... help.

Started by Karen on 04/30/2018 in Strict Mums

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Need advice

My name is Kim. Ich have a daughter, 12 years old, and would like to start with spanking as a form of discipline. Her behaviour demands for it. I am new to the topic. Ich would...

Started by Kim on 07/09/2017 in Strict Mums

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Should I spank older children?

Hello all!..i have recenlt signed up for circle of moms and I am lookign for sound advice on spanking my 11 year old step-son. The last month my husband and I spanked him 3...

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Started by Rebecca on 11/27/2017 in Strict Mums

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Ginger figging with a spanking

This is something I use with all full spankings I give. Do others of you use it? Always interesting to see if some of old practices are still in good use. It definitely helps...

Started by Carol on 01/22/2018 in Strict Mums

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Am I old fashion mommy

Hi every one I hope you had a good Easter stress free, we did. We had a long chat My mother inlaw says myself and my husband are not strict enough to our kids because two of...

Started by Karen on 04/01/2018 in Strict Mums

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Diaper/Knees Up Position

How many mums use this position? Last night I'd had enough with Jane's mouth and told her to go to bed early and 'prepare' for her spanking. After washing and undressing to...

Started by Jade on 02/20/2017 in Strict Mums

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Knickers down or totally stripped?

What are your preferences? Do you add to the humiliation of the spanking, if so at that age do you lower panties and at what age to make you them strip?

Started by Briana on 09/19/2017 in Strict Mums

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Belt and Cane

Interested to know what age others believe the belt and cane should be introduced? Or simply a leather strap, and if first time you use these clothed or bare?

Started by Briana on 08/24/2017 in Strict Mums

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Private or not

When you spank, do you spank in private or in full view of anyone else who is there? Do you send to bedroom and make them wait or is the kitchen or living room used even if...

Started by Briana on 08/19/2017 in Strict Mums

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Discipline methods

Sometimes I use some unusual discipline methods for my daughters. Any other mother do the same, or want to talk about it?

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Started by Maya on 01/23/2018 in Strict Mums

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Hello I have a question for the moms I have two girls and a son he is 9 going on 10 the other day I asked him to come igot and get cleaned up we were going out for dinner. He...

Started by Karen on 03/01/2018 in Strict Mums

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